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Fundamental and Translational Research on Thyroid Diseases  

Studies on the genetic and molecular mechanisms involved in thyroid development and benign thyroid diseases (Autoimmune Thyroiditis; Central or Primary Congenital Hypothyroidism; Thyroid Dysgenesis, Dyshormogenetic goiter; Resistance to TSH action; Non-autoimmune inheritable Hyperthyroidism). Research on oncogenes involved in malignant thyroid diseases (Differentiated and poorly differentiated thyroid cancer; Sporadic or Familial Medullary Thyroid Cancer). Relevance of fetal microchimerism in thyroid diseases. Genotype-phenotype correlations in rare thyroid diseases. In vivo (zebrafish model) studies on thyroid hormone action. Differential diagnosis of Central Hyperthyroidism. Development of novel predictive tools based on NGS techniques. Preclinical and clinical trials on aggressive malignant thyroid tumors. Clinical trials of novel immune-suppressive therapies on autoimmune thyroid-related diseases (eg, Graves orbitopathy)

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